The yogi diet

What does it mean to spiritualise our diet? It's more than just following an ancient or modern theory of what we should eat. When we plug into our life force and true self, we realise life is about relating. Whether we relate to a soul, to the body or to the natural world, the art of the yogi is to infuse all relationships with integrity, care and wisdom.

Though tasty food is a treat, eating is more than pleasure. It is the utmost care for the instrument of the body, the natural world and the delicate balance of all living beings. Below are a few thoughts on the yogic diet.

‘Ahimsa' or non-violence

The yogi understands that pure and virtuous actions create freedom and peace within. Love is the highest intention behind any action. As we raise our vibration spiritually, our conscience won't allow us to harm any living thing on a subtle or gross level. We become mindful of where our food has come from and whether it was cultivated with care and respect.

A life of ‘ahimsa' or non-violence sweetens the mind and calms the soul. It can be a challenging leap for those new to the spiritual path but one worth at least trying. Through experimentation, we can see for ourselves the calming effect a kind diet has on the mind.

Close to nature, close to home

Naturally grown food

The deepest truths of life are often the simplest. As we return to our real nature, it makes sense to return to real food. The universe, the elements of nature and our bodies are infinitely intelligent. Fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts in their natural form align us with that intelligence and nourish us with its benefits.

Locally grown food

Local foods are seasonal and often taste better. But eating locally is mostly a gift to our environment and community. By buying foods grown and raised close to where we live, we help maintain farmland and green space in our areas. We also help to build our local economies and support small businesses rather than large corporations. Knowing where our food comes from, connects us to the people who raise and grow it. And where there is connection, the chances for accountability, care and integrity increase.

Intuitive eating

There are countless theories about the ideal, healthy diet. How do we know which one to listen to? The good news is we need only turn within. As we deepen the power of stillness, our intuition raises its volume. With each meal, we can observe the effects of certain foods on our mood and energy. As we listen, we hear what the body truly needs. It then becomes an act of care to respond and nourish the body and soul with those foods that uplift the spirit, sing into the cells and restore the life force. Each of us is unique, and the map to our highest destination of health, wealth and happiness lies within.

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