Keeping our intellects in the unlimited

Dear friends,

Om shanti.  You are my friends from around the world.  

There are a few souls whose intellect remains unlimited and so they are able to draw unlimited love.

For many others, their intellects are entangled and therefore limited.  The experience of being in the unlimited is what makes us useful to God and able to serve others. When I feel that I have taken a lot, then I want others to experience a lot.  This is the time for all of us to keep our intellects in the unlimited so that we can serve the world.

With love,

BK Janki


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# Moderator 2016-01-02 16:11

vaibhav:  Om shanti.  We are a spiritual organization and only advise on spiritual matters, not career choices.  If you would like to learn meditation and how that practice helps you understand yourself and strengthens your relationship with God as well as helping with your life choices, please go to your nearest BK center.

# vaibhav 2015-12-23 02:28
om shanti .. I am 18 years old and I have left my home yezterday to become a singer as my parents are against my decision . Could you plz guide me what to do next . May I join BK centre in mount abu ? you are my last scope plz help me !!..
# ramkumaradhikary 2015-12-18 11:14

brahmakumari organisation is the org of godly people who are rendering service to the common peoples who are also son of the same god for sustaining the harmony in this beautiful planet through peace purity love & strength om shanti

Suresh  I Bastawade
# Suresh I Bastawade 2015-12-18 08:46

Spiritual knowledge is the true asset in our life which will support the concerned soul throughout its life. True source of True wealth can be achieved only from this Ishwariya Vidyalaya. In our life materialistic income is taxable ONE, But spiritualistic knowledge is the true income which is non-taxable in our life. The laws laid by the SUPREME SOUL GOD is realistic and it works throughout the universe in 24 hrs x 365 days x forever.

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Words for the World - Love

Dadi Janki advises not to weave stories of sorrow, but share stories of happiness.

Dadi janki

…Finally, I mention Dadi Janki, the spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris, based on Mount Abu in Rajasthan, who, 20 years ago, when I was in my 50s and she was in her 80s—she is now 103—began showing me, through her love and compassion, that I, like everyone else, had spirit within me. When we act from that connection, it is good for each of us and for all of us. The vision that Dadi shares has inspired values-based educational programmes around the world in schools, with young leaders, and in the Brahma Kumaris institution."

Lord Stone speaking about Dadi Janki in the UK Parliament (House of Lords), responding to the report by the Commission on Religious Education Religion and Worldviews: the way forward, published in September.

Hansard, Monday 17th December, 6.55 pm