A Taste of Truth

January 02, 2010

In this segment, UK Programme Director, Sister Maureen Goodman, explores what it means to go beyond labels and rediscover our authentic identity. The programme includes brief, guided meditations.

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#6 tajinder singh 2015-11-02 23:56
thanks to show the path to peace.
#5 simone 2010-07-11 21:32
i really loved this video,thanks so much for this enlightement
#4 Mitra 2010-06-30 18:56
The meditation commentary is superb. It would be nice if along with commentary, visualisation pictures are also given.
#3 Ashok 2010-06-15 07:44
Om Shanti Sr Maureen. Listening to you was a real divine experience. So inspiring and enriching. Thank so much !!
#2 maria 2010-05-06 12:23
That was a very clear, inspiring and youthful talk. I feel very enthusiastic and renewed after watching this video. Thanks a lot!
#1 Mariadiaz 2010-02-27 00:39
I loved it!! I enjoyed Sr.Goodman very much. Thanks!! Om Chanti!!!!
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