Who uses Raja Yoga

Anyone and everyone who wants to can use, and benefit from, Raja Yoga meditation. Some choose to come to a Brahma Kumaris centre once a year to confirm a connection, others incorporate meditation into their daily lives, yet others add meditation to their other spiritual practice. It all works and it all enriches the lives of those who choose it. Those who make use of Raja Yoga meditation include people who:



  • have spent time searching for spiritual solutions, and now find something they did not find elsewhere.
  • have achieved and gained much in their lives, and come to wonder, "Is that all there is?"
  • have experienced difficulty and challenge in their lives and seek extra power to help them.
  • have a deep desire to deepen their understanding of, and connection with, the Divine.
  • have a wish to use their own energy and good wishes to bring peace to the world and share the sense of well-being and contentment they have found with other souls in the world.
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Who practises Raja Yoga Meditation?

This spiritual practise is for any soul who desires to rediscover who they really are.

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